Sirmione: jewel of the lake

For a weekend on the banks of Garda

It rises on the Lombardy bank of the lake and develops across a narrow peninsula 4km long. Sirmione is considered the “pearl of Garda” not just for its morphological characteristics, but also for its ancient origins which are reflected in a town planning made up of small roads, narrow streets and hidden passages. The centre, completely pedestrian, invites you to peaceful walks whilst the surroundings offer the chance to dedicate yourself to panoramic hikes by foot or by bike.

The Scaligero Castle
A fortress in the centre of Sirmione

It was constructed between the XIII and XIV century by the Scaliger guards, the southern access point to the centre of the town and, still today, it represents an extraordinary example of lake fortification. Completely surrounded by the lakes water, the impressive rock can be accessed by means of the drawbridge. A visit is highly recommended.

The Caves of Catullo
The domus romana on Lake Garda

The Caves of Catullo represent the principal witness to the Roman period in the territory of Sirmione. The archaeological complex accommodates a house built between the 1st century a.c. and the 1st century dc. a villa which, according to tradition, should be appertained to the Latin poet Gaio Valerio Catullo.