• Caneva Acquapark
  • Caneva Acquapark

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Caneva Aquapark

Caneva Aquapark is part of the Canevaworld complex, comprising two theme parks.

Caneva Aquapark (formerly Aquaparadise) is an aquatic park covering over 100,000 sq. m, featuring a myriad of slides, a wave pool, lagoons, dining and shopping areas in a highly scenic Caribbean setting, attracting over 300,000 visitors each season.
A truly original theme setting. With white sand covering almost the entire area, a volcano that emits flames every hour, and numerous slides and other services, Caneva Aquapark is one of the largest water parks in Europe.
A few of the main attractions: the Kamika Stukas slides (extremely vertical) for a high speed plunge into the pool from a height of 32 meters.
What’s more: subterranean slides, wave machines, waterfall plunging drops, etc.
How to get to Caneva Aquapark
The Residence Hotel Nuove Terme is 13 kilometres from Caneva Aquapark, just 20 minutes away by car.